Red Stoles

Red abstract stole details, private collection.

Red Stole with Pilgrim Crosses part of set for St Mary’s Church, Stoke D’Abernon.

Red Abstract Stole, private collection.


Red Stole with Light.


Red Stole with Geese.


Red Stole with Geese


Red Stole with Saints

June eleven 165

The Resurrected Christ with Lettering Stole.

June eleven 120

Red Black and White Stole.



Stole with the Four Evangelists.


AUGUST 2008 014

Angels Climbing Staircase Stole.


Emb', Z's visit, snow 122

Red Stole with Saints

img_1884Red Stole with Saints

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Vestments, Stoles, Altar Frontals and Sculpture each unique and to commission.