White Stoles

White stoles are worn for Easter, Christmas, Baptisms, Weddings and Ordinations.  This  is  a stole for major celebrations and can be the most glorious of the liturgical  stole  colours.

White Stole

The Restoration of Peter

The Five Strands Stole

The Fifteen Flames Stole

White Stole, part of set for St Lawrence Church, Bardney, Lincolnshire.

Stole depicting spiderman with cross and net, private collection

St Francis StoleSt Francis Stole  Private Collection

Celtic RoundelsCeltic Roundels     Private Collection

White Stole   Part of set for St Lawrence Church, Bardney, Lincolnshire._dsc2902

White Annunciation Stole.


The Virgin and Child and Resurrection Stole.


The Gold Crosses Stole.


Stole with shields



The Dove Stole



The Agnus Dei Stole.


May 2009 424

Dove with Cross of Nails Stole



The Icons Stole


AUGUST 2008 027

The Crucifixion & St Peter Stole


AUGUST 2008 008

Foliage Stole


Symbols Stole



Agnus Dei and Alpha and Omega Stole


April 2010 253

Stole of Visons

Birds_Stole_Image_86Saint Francis and Saint Peter.

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